Those who Sow in Tears will Reap in Joy

Eulogy to my nephew Shane. He gave in life and in death. I remember the day he and his twin brother Ryan were born. I drove to Harris Methodist hospital in Fort Worth expecting to see my sister waiting to give birth, instead these 2 boys made their début before I arrived. Shhh, I’ll tell you a little secret. Their mom painted one of their toe nails to tell them apart when she took them home from the hospital. Gradually, I learned to see the difference in Shane’s innocent smile vs. Ryan’s quiet demeanor.


Bear Hugs for Aunt Laura

My favorite memories of the boys and their older sister, Ashley, were the annual summer kickoffs with their cousins, moms, and dads at Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and the Rangers! Their granddad and I would take 1 of the boys under our wing and ride any and all roller coasters. One rocking ride on the Texas Giant was my limit though! I don’t think my nephews knew that I often did those rides with my eyes closed. During the teenage years, the boys were reluctant to be seen in public “fraternizing” with family. However, as their aunt, I always wrangled one bear hug from them before letting them go on their way.

Shane Paul Rivard left this earthly life too early. Below are some of his last words.


He left behind a beautiful young daughter, loving family and many friends. In death, he gave the gift of life to 6 people by donating his heart, double lungs, pancreas, liver, and 2 kidneys, one of which went to an extended family member for which we are eternally grateful!

Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.


Shane loved his Kynlie Marie!

I love you Shane.  See you in Heaven!


3 thoughts on “Those who Sow in Tears will Reap in Joy

  1. Aunt Laura, this truly is beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to honor Shane. When I get some sleep, I’ll jot down some fun memories and attach them here. Love you!

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